Membership policy

Experience the best of Jinance with Jinance membership.  Become a member and receive trading fees and other great benefits.  Explore our simple and transparent fee structure to meet your trading requirements.

Join our membership, you will benefit :

Details are listed on our membership schedule.

Membership period

Jinance has a flexible membership policy that allows you to join at any time and receive a four weeks membership. 

Membership starts immediately on subscription. It will expire 28 days later from the subscription. The membership period is based on UTC starting from the next 00:00 UTC, from the subscription, and last for 28 days.

For example, if a member subscribes to our Gold Membership at 3:00 am on 4th Dec 2018 UTC, this membership will only expire at 00:00 UTC 2nd Jan 2019 UTC.

Change of membership tier

You have the complete freedom to switch to different membership tier. The new membership is activated and membership period restarts once the payment has been made. Please be aware that there is no refund even though there might be some days left in your previous membership.


Membership renewal settings can be accessed under the Profile page for each membership tier. It's a fully automated renewal process with recurring payments. With recurring payments, membership dues can be automatically charged on a regular schedule, saving your members the trouble of having to manually renew their membership. Membership renewal reminders will be automatically generated and emailed to members a week ahead of renewal. Renewal will usually happen in 24 hours before the membership expiry.

The automated renewal process will deduct fund from your account balance.  The current membership will expire if there is no successful renewal at the end of its period.

Please be sure to keep enough fund in your account for membership renewal. If you wish not to auto-renew your membership, you can always turn it off at your profile page.

We may provide other payment methods in the near future.


Any customer account's Free Membership starts immediately when any other membership expires. When in Free Membership, the account loses all previous referral connections, if any. As a result, any reward ( if any) coming out of those referral activity won't continue even after this account re-enter other membership.

Free Membership

This is the default membership, and it won't expire, we offer to our customers without charge of membership fee. The referral connections won't exist even if this account enter into another membership tier.



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