How much will I receive from reward program?

Our reward program is a way of sharing our growth with the community in the long term. The accurate full explanation is here: refer a friend terms and conditions. An example is always a good place to start, please refer to the below scenario.

Example scenario

Firstly, Jessica is a Diamond member on Jinance and she referred her friend John. She will receive reward from John's trading fee. The reward ratio is determined by her membership and paid by the Exchange.


Later John referred Emily. John will receive reward from Emily's trading. As a gold member, his reward ratio is 7%. There is more for Jessica too. In addition to the reward from John's trading, Jessica also receive reward from Emily's trading.


On referral page, you can checkout the referral ratio based on membership

  Reward Ratio
Membership Tier   1st Level    2nd Level
Free Nil Nil
Silver 1% Nil
Gold 7% 3%
Platinum 8% 4%
Diamond 12% 8%


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